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Teaching Small Groups or 1-1’s

Well hello there. My name is Debbie Castro and I would like to introduce myself a little. Don’t let the surname decieve you. I am 100% Irish and currently based in London, UK. Having completed a degree in Psychology and an MA in Documentary & Photojournalism from University of Westminster, I have used all I have learnt to exhibit in London, New York and Dublin in Ireland’s Photo festival- Photo Ireland.

Alongside, being an artist, I am a trainer in photography. With over 8 years experience of teaching at two outstanding Institutes in London. In LSP, Teaching since 2010, I was made the Director of Training from 2012, while ensuring the standard of teaching was upheld, training new students and almost being a trainer. From 2017, Holger Pooten opened LIoP and asked me to work with him as Co-Ordinator of LIoP. In both Institutes, I curate exhibitions, hold monthly talks with photographers from all over the world, create content for the website and provide the monthly challenge while writing new course material and updating continually. Photography is my love and there is nothing more I like to discuss, take images and to teach people.

Of course, it is difficult to be everywhere and time is of the essence so there are other options which over the years clients have hired me to mentor their work from beginning to curating exhibitions and meeting whatever goals necessary. Meeting Monthly, or if not possible in person on Skype to discuss work, to create a style, to design books and how to exhibit.

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So, what can you learn?


Let’s start at the basics.

Beginners and Intermediate

No matter what stage you are at you will always learn something on both the beginners and Intermediate course. I take you from automatic mode straight through to manual mode in two day period by verbal, practice and exercises. The next two days are training your eye to see.

You will cover – Beginners level

  • Fundamentals of Photography

  • Camera Resolution

  • File Formats (Jpeg, RAW)

  • Lenses (Focal Lengths, Macro, Prime & Zoom Lenses)

  • Manual and Autofocus (Focusing Points, Autofocus Lock, Single and Continuous Focus)

  • Principles of Exposure (Exposure Triangle, 18% Grey Card)

  • Manual Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speeds, Aperture)

  • Metering Modes (Evaluative, Partial, Spot Metering)

  • Depth of Field

  • Shutter Speed (Freezing and Blurring Motion & Panning)


You will cover – Intermediate level

  • Principles of composition (balance, rule of thirds, negative space, frame within a frame)

  • Use of contrast in your photographs (colour, patterns, light)

  • Choosing the right lenses

  • Use of Shallow Depth of Field

  • Crucial vs distracting image elements

  • Developing your own stories by conveying a message

  • Optimising your images in Post Production - Lightroom

Other Courses Available

  • Night Photography

  • Street Documentary and Photojournalism (telling a story)

  • Speed Light Flash

  • Lightroom

  • Level 1 Photoshop

  • Portrait