Family Portraits



What am I interested in?

I am always asking questions to myself, trying to understand human connection. When I go to a Gallery I have always been drawn to small groups in the paintings. The connections. Who’s looking at who, who’s connecting with the camera (painter). It reveals alot or it can reveal nothing but it is a time frozen. A memory for us as a family to have on our wall. To walk past and have comfort. With some many images swirling around and so many we take on our phones (I do too) but that’s where they are. Time doesn’t allow me to organise them as I would want and let’s face it there is just too many. I realise with time that what I want to give less with a unique piece.

With my documentary background, the environment has always been important. Studio just never worked for me. As in earlier family photographs, the interiors often integrate other pictures on the walls behind the sitting family. It feels right to photograph families in their home or garden environment. They have signs and symbols of who you are too and add to the story of who you are as a family.

The photograph will have classical roots but is layered with group dynamics and interactions. There is something in receiving one image only. Something old school but also sacred. This is it. Nothing more to choose from.
Recalling a conversation with a groom while shooting his wedding, he said we only need one real perfect picture to remember. Even looking back at my grandmother’s or parents. They only have a small amount of images captured but each of these were treasured by being printed and hanging on the stairwell or adorning the walls. I want to give an experience. I want to connect with you as a family without interrupting the natural pattern.

Who inspired me? Paintings and Mr. Thomas Struth
Thomas Struth really says it all. He collaborated with a a psychoanalyst working in Düsseldorf who became an important friend and mentor. Hartmann occasionally asked new patients to bring some of their own family photographs as a means of exploring how they might represent certain dynamics within their family life. I am not doing this but dynamics and creating this will help the future generations know who you are.


Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth

What is involved?
Contact me: We discuss by phone, Skype or email Outfits, home or garden location, number of people in the group and a little about you.
I travel to you. Chats and a cuppa. I set up my necessary light and prepare. Sitters take their place. We take a number of shots. Choose one. I pop home and edit. You receive the jpeg in digital form to reproduce as you wish. I also give you 1 A3 x colour archival print. I put your name in order on the back of the print for your ancestors to know who’s who!

Cost = £250

Travel outside London is extra.



My Mum has told me since a young age that she is waiting to retire to put all her images into some sort of order. She is still young in my eyes and I have told her I would. I note with my own family images (you never archive your own personal stuff or is it just me?) I saw a possible niche.

With the years of teaching (want to know more- click here) and curating exhibitions, I have discovered my skill is to put stories and layout together. This excites me, makes me soooo happy. I love creating a flow within a book or on the wall. Working with the extremely talented designer and bookmaker Caterina Nasini, we are offering to go through your images. You can give us a selection or on a big hard drive. We will edit, choose, post produce (keep them natural) have a final selection ( 40 one side pages) (check with you) and finish with an amazing japanese book bound book.

Price £820

An organised archive can be created. Price on request.