No one can answer my question

It’s simple.

 Simply on your lips

Can I inhale this body experience?

The beginning of definition

Of what is needed

Inhale the skin

The thoughts

The desire.

Between us too much

Been here before

And not going again

This is not a game.


Emotionless maybe me

Rather than you

Why can’t you play my game?

It takes only a few things

But in a selfish world of

Mother and son.

This is never will be resolved

Life without; seems too painful

A reminder at all times is that call.

Do I want to get involved?

Can you change how I feel?

And put your arms around me

Can you forgive yourself?

If we really told someone all our stories

Looking straight.

No bends.

Only corridors of hate.

I have no fear


Living in denial

When will I awake?


Debbie CastroComment