Dan Frostman

at 2 and just how the hell do you

dial the phone to call ireland. i’m looking at a phone# for the crosskeys inn (toome co. antrim) it says : voice :+ 44 (016*8) 91721  who invented the tele over there? is 44 the country code? and what about the numbers in parenthesis? so in milwaukee or for that matter the states i dial an area code and seven numbers. it s much easier to read a number from the states. It’s probably because it s all foreign to me. i figured since the report didn’t fit the premise, it lacked any such aliveness, i’d write a little about the outside of crosskeys. the picture lies on my desk in front of me and in between the keyboard and the screen. it’s so little and confident that it is on an old wooded road. no parking lot or is it because no one has been in a long while. but the ad says there is music. celtic, not popular, and not even what your mother listens to. it doesn’t look like a pub but aren’t those the places that are best? i admire irish pubs. sociable, and when alcohol is involved then those little nuances flourish. partly because of the wine, partly because i just love to ramble, partly because of my love for pasta, partly because of my love of the month of june, partly because of the uniqueness of the bug that flies that month (but i am afraid of them), partly because of my love for early mornings with sleep deprivation, partly because the better half of me loves, partly because of the smell of cigarettes on my hands, partly because of the mixed blood that i am, but mostly because of my love for you on a day like sunday when you brought me my favourite drink and i do love the way you left it in my ice box when i wasn’t expecting it

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