Dan Fante

Selections from ‘Kissed By A Fat Waitress’

Playing It Safe


for me
on the border between
reality and insanity

and the knowing that honest passion necessitates an end to lies

When my gut tells me to say it
then I must spit it out
and sometimes puke those flames directly into God’s face

then be willing to face what comes next
whatever that is

A poet’s silence is an act of terrorism
and it is his pen

that slashes the poison from the world’s wounds
and insures
to saying
what is often

the unsayable


No No No No No No

Ten years ago - between writing novels - I wrote a new play
about my old man, John Fante
and called it DON GIOVANNI
and sent it out
and sent it out
and sent it out

And it was like I’d written the piece in Chinese or Farsi
or Sandskrit or some goddman thing ‘cause nobody cared
not one blink of interest – not anywhere

Then, in my spare time, I rewrote DON GIOVANNI once or twice more and added more conflict and more humor and more madness
and…sent it out again…everywhere

And guess WHAT

nobody cared – not one blink of interest anywhere - zippo!

So that was that
I dumped all the copies of the play into my filing cabinet’s
bottom drawer and chalked the whole deal off as a waste of time
until – nine years later
when I was in Italy and a newspaper guy – a friend – who didn’t know I wrote plays - asked to read it - then wrote back
how staggeringly brilliant a writer I am and how he wants to do a national tour of DON GIOVANNI and then take it to New York and The West End in London…

So okay - now here’s the morel: Always remember you’re a goddamn genius no matter what anybody says and do not listen to experts or producers or critics or your old lady
and keep smoking those sixty Camels a day and swindling the IRS
and watching your internet porn
keep writing
for chrissakes - just keep writing – just never give up or stop writing

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